Our parent organisation since the start has been the Widcombe Association, providing with financial support and giving much encouragement. Someone once said that Widcombe wouldn't be the same without the Mummers. The Mummers wouldn't be the same without the Widcombe Association.

Source of many of the traditional scripts from which our own have been derived is the MasterMummers website, run by the estimable Peter Millington who I hope won't mind his name being mentioned.

Part of the original inspiration for the Widcombe Mummers came

from a talk given by Doc Rowe at the English Country Music Weekend in 2005.

The Widcombe Mummers are proud to have been party to much of the organisation and running of the first ever Mummers UnConvention held in Bath in November 2011.  Musicians to support the mummers are frequently drawn from the ranks of the Bath City Jubilee Waits.

Our partners in many performances have been the ladies morris dancers of Mr Wilkins Shilling. For information about an opera based on the story of our St George play see the Fiery Dragon Folk Opera company. Another local side whose work is admired is the Bristol Rag Morris Mummers. Their ‘Nine Lives of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’ was (IMO) one of the highlights of the 2011 Mummers UnConvention.

Widcombe Mummers’ founder, Ian Gilchrist, also enjoys playing with the Pilgarlic dance band and with the Pipley band.

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